Here’s How to Create a Successful Budget

Financial planning revolves around what is in our control. For example, we can’t control stock market returns, tax rates, or unexpected events, but we can plan to mitigate these risks through diversification, tax planning, and insurance. Of all the areas in financial planning, we probably have the highest degree of control over our income, expenses, and savings, making it extremely important to create a workable budget. Continue reading “Here’s How to Create a Successful Budget”

Top 8 Ways To Stick To Your Budget

You understand the finer points of budgeting, perhaps. You’ve read the books, taken the courses, sworn off unregulated spending and high-interest credit cards. You’ve even put together a nice spreadsheet that lays out your budget for the next fifteen years, divided into 27 life categories, 10% savings and an emergency fund. Good for you! The only problem is that sticking to that budget isn’t as easy you thought. It’s good to have a financial future and you know following that budget will get you there, but in the financial present? Well, that credit card still calls your name, and your “clothes” category seems awfully small and you just feel deprived. Budgets, you decide, are no fun. The good news is you don’t have to throw it all out the window, just because you’ve messed up a time or two. There are some tools of the trade and you should know about them. Continue reading “Top 8 Ways To Stick To Your Budget”